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All over the world children are children.

They laugh and enjoy watching shows, puppets, movies, reading books and listening to songs.

Children all over the world get hurt and abused. 

They are mostly harmed in their immediate environment by someone they know.

All over the world children are confused:

What is allowed and what is not? How and when should I say no?

What is the difference between a good secret and a bad secret? And other important insights for life.

Children are children

No matter where they live.

It does not matter what language they speak and what their culture is.

Children are children

and it's our job to take care of them,

our job is to teach them,

our job is to give them tools so that they will not be harmed, so that they will be saved and live safely.

To this end, we have developed some of our products in Arabic and English.

We would be happy to adapt all our products to any language and any culture. 


This is our goal, this is our mission!

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Making it work for your kids:

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We, at Yael's Friends, truly believe we can make a difference by applying our prevention program in schools all over the world. We are prepared to make all of the necessary lingual and cultural adjustments in order for this program to work, globally, in every community.

Would you like to make "My Body Belongs to Me" work for you?

Would you like to order our online show?

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